9 Black-Owned Bay Area Businesses to Order From Online

Face masks, jewelry, tea and more to buy now

It’s never been more important to support Black-owned businesses. As we now are buying more of our products online to keep life moving while indoors during the pandemic, every click of the “checkout” button is an opportunity to support local black-owned businesses in the Bay Area.

If you don’t need or want anything for yourself, why not support your Black friends, family or colleagues—assemble a care package of candles, lotions, tea, and more from the list of businesses below, support black entrepreneurs in the process, and show them some love.

Ready to do more? Consider donating to black activists & thought leaders or move your money into Black-owned banks. Every swipe of our credit card is a chance to show up for our Black friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues today and every day.

???? Health & Wellness

Beija-Flor Naturals

Stevonne Ratliff founded Beija-Flor Naturals in 2013 in Oaklandwhen she opened the first brick-and-mortar store, Concept Forty-Seven. Disappointed with the lack of natural skincare solutions — particularly for women of color — she took matters into her own hands. Products are crafted with fair trade, nutrient-rich botanical ingredients from Brazil, which also inspired the brand.

Goddess Butter

Specializing in restorative body and hair butter, Goddess Butter was born out of Jazz Monique Hudson’s background in healing and a request by her partner to sooth eczema. Based in Oakland, the butters come in four types ranging from invigorating lemongrass and lavender to soothing cocoa and shea.

Anasa Yoga

Jean Marie Moore and Katrina Lashea founded Anasa Yoga to bring yoga and wellness practice to the Laurel District in the heart of Oakland. They offer a wide variety of virtual practices including Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Kundalini, Prenatal, and more. The studio is currently offering a wide array of online classes. 

Source: https://www.anasaoakland.com/

???? General & Books

Ashay By the Bay

This beloved local bookstore has thee largest independent online selection of African American and multi-cultural children’s books available.. Founder and CEO Deborah Da, opened Ashay by the Bay in 2000 before moving online in 2002. They’re based in Vallejo, CA.

Big Chop Accessories

Christian Joy founded Big Chop Accessories, a boutique and nail salon in the East Bay,to create and accentuate women’s self-style, inspiring women around the Bay Area with unique textures, prints, and styles. The store is selling a wide variety of clothing items online.

???? Fashion and Art

Taylor Jay Collection

Founded by (you guessed it!) Taylor Jay, this collection is built on the value of inclusivity. Jay, a Bay Area native, has grown a set of styles that embrace different body types, use high-quality materials, and elevate the concept of comfort. They also have face masks available for purchase now.

Candid Art

Candid Art was established by Oakland native Candice Cox, a self-taught jewelry designer and graduate of the Howard University School of Business. Candid Art ethically sources textiles from African vendors, uses natural dyes, and employs sustainable organic production processes to create handcrafted pieces that make a statement. I bought one of their masks for a friend of mine and it was really high-quality.

???? Food

Peaches Patties

Peaches Patties is a Jamaican catering company based in San Francisco. Founded by Executive Chef Shani Jones, the business is one of a few Caribbean food outlets in SF and focuses on combining fresh ingredients, flavorful spices, and authentic Jamaican cuisine.

Hella Tea

Chantrelle Edwards is an Oakland native who founded Hella Tea to offer an exceptional tea experience that combines her appreciation of Hip-Hop culture and love of Oakland. They offer a wide variety of flavorful, creatively-named teas like “Chamo-LA Harris” and “E-4Tea”, which many Bay Area natives will appreciate.

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