Nice to meet you 👋

I was drawn to design because it is a tool to solve problems for people. My work focuses on understanding and articulating the salience of an underlying need; how “real” is it. Good design helps bring a solution forward at the right moment. It is about removing the unessential to highlight what is essential.

Great design considers context. It concerns itself with the constraints. It embraces what is realistic while pushing steadily into a future that people don’t imagine; one they may not even know they need. It is about balancing hubris and humility. The strange truth is that a designer’s job is never truly done. It can only be done for now.

Studio Flurry is the main vehicle through which I work these days. We run design sprints with teams big and small, particularly in FinTech, Life Sciences, and B2B SaaS, but we’ve dabbled in a bit of everything at this point.

If you’d like to work on something outside those areas, feel free to reach out still. Here are a few nice things folks have said about me ????????

Joel is a fantastic person to work with. He has a great sense of humor, is caring and is very methodical. He is one of those great designers who not only creates the best UI/UX but understands how this will translate into the product.

Archana Sankaranarayanan, UX Engineering at Google

Joel is great. We’ve had mixed experiences with designers in the past, but Joel was able to both quickly jump onto a fast-moving project with a lot of moving parts, and—frankly, as a consumer-oriented women’s health product—”get it” in a way that’s often difficult for male designers.

James Wang, General Partner at Creative Ventures

I’d recommend Joel without hesitation. He has a beautiful design sense coupled with the software expertise to turn an idea into beautiful, functional, user-friendly software.

Eric Cheng, CTO of Intrinsics Imaging