Announcing summerof.design – A 6-Week UX Portfolio Challenge

summerof.design is a 6-week challenge to create & improve a competitive portfolio that wins over hiring managers, gets you the interviews, and secures the job offer.

Melody and I have been collaborating on various projects for the past 3 years. Prior to that, we worked together (and met) on Coursera’s design team. Today, we’re excited to launch Summer of Design.

In the past year, multiple aspiring UX professionals reached out to us for mentorship and assistance. Through these conversations, we saw the gaps in professional development unmet by undergraduate degrees, self-study programs, and bootcamps.

While there are many listicles out there about the “10 Must Have XYZ to Break Into UX Design” – our hope is that you won’t ever need to read one of those again. 6 weeks, 3 core projects, and a bunch of tactical, no-nonsense tips & strategy to actually get your first job as a UX/UI/Product Designer.

Collectively, we’re combining 15+ years of experience working at places like Palantir, Twitter, and Nextdoor. We’ve played pivotal roles launching major products at Brex, Coursera, multiple Y Combinator startups, and more. We’re excited to share what we’ve learned with you, or folks in your network.

Apply by July 3rd

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